It’s Cyber Monday, the day when online
shoppers can find deals on everything from flat screens to flat sheets. But
there’s one retailer whose sales should just flatline: bebe.

Why throw bebe out with the bathwater? Unlike
many of its compassionate competitors—including J.Crew, Talbots, and Limited
Brands—bebe has begun selling
real fur
. The company apparently
thinks that nothing screams “festive” like animals
screaming while the skin is ripped off their bodies.

So five animals whose friends and family
members are often killed for their fur are here to show everyone that real fur
looks good only on its original owner and to ask you to make bebe a no-no this
holiday season. 


1. Rabbits are hopping mad at bebe.


2. Dogs want you to walk them, not wear them. 

3. Foxes need your help to outfox cruel companies that still sell fur.

4. Cats are ready to give bebe some serious catitude. 

5. Chinchillas are chatterboxes when they’re together, and you can bet they would have plenty
to say about bebe’s fur coats. 


Please tell bebe that you won’t buy
while animals die and urge the company to finally ditch fur furever.

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Article source: PETA Files

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