Steel-jaw traps don’t discriminate—they’ll snap their sharp
metal teeth shut on the limb of anyone who is unfortunate enough to step on
them. A raccoon in Portsmouth, Virginia, was one recent victim.

The innocent raccoon was scurrying through
the grass in a quiet neighborhood when he suddenly collapsed, his body racked
with pain. As the serrated teeth of a steel-jaw trap ground into his muscles,
he began frantically trying to escape, even attempting to chew off his own limb.
But as he thrashed, he became lodged in a resident’s fence.

When the homeowners discovered the grisly scene, they
immediately called both animal control and PETA. Our Community Animal Project fieldworkers rushed to the home and helped
the animal control officer gently free the suffering raccoon from the fence and
the cruel trap. The officer then whisked him back to the animal control office and
quickly ended his misery. Unfortunately, none of the neighbors knew who had set
the trap, and our fieldworkers couldn’t find the culprit despite canvassing the

Steel-jaw traps are some of the cruelest and most
ineffective methods of
wildlife control
in existence. PETA offers
a wealth of information on how to easily and humanely keep raccoons and other animals at bay without endangering
other wildlife, companion animals, and people. 

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Article source: PETA Files

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