there’s anything that can cause a traffic jam even by New York City standards,
it’s a naked Wendy
Williams in Times Square
. As a crowd of cheering
fans and snapping flashbulbs drowned out the honking taxis, a fully clothed Wendy
unveiled her much-anticipated nude anti-fur ad for PETA

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talk show host used to wear real fur made from foxes and minks but stopped
after she learned from PETA how animals raised for their fur are electrocuted, bludgeoned, or
skinned alive
. Now, she knows that it’s
much better to bare skin than to wear skin. “I’d rather go naked than wear
fur—it’s very sexy,”
she purred during her photo shoot with top celeb photographer Aaron Cobbett.

hopes her actions will inspire other fur-wearers to shed their skin as well.
And she already has the perfect idea for what they can do with those tacky,
cruel coats: Donate them
, and we will distribute
them to people who are homeless because of Hurricane Sandy.

people and animals—seems like the
perfect reason for witty Wendy to get a little cheeky.

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Article source: PETA Files

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