Every year, endangered leatherback and green sea turtles arrive on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago to lay their eggs, which local fishermen lie in wait to harvest. The helpless turtles are reportedly then flipped onto their backs and, unable to right themselves, are left for days until they are purchased by traders. They are then killed for their flesh, and the rest of their carcasses are left to rot or are tossed into the garbage. Despite a 2011 ban on the harvesting of sea turtles in Trinidad and Tobago, the killing reportedly continues. Click here  to see photos of this tragedy.

Sea turtles are intelligent, peaceful, and graceful animals who spend their lives exploring in the ocean and foraging. As adults, these determined animals migrate in large groups over vast distances—up to thousands of miles—back to the sandy beaches where they were born in order to reproduce. Female sea turtles are known to brave extreme obstacles to get home and are notably loyal to their mates. And largely because of hunting, fishing, and human encroachment, only one in 1,000 leatherback turtles survives to adulthood!
Please contact the below officials and politely urge them to enforce the ban on the harvesting of sea turtles. And please forward this alert widely. 

  • The Honourable Devant Maharaj
    Minister of Food Production
  • Fisheries Monitoring, Surveillance and Enforcement Unit 
  • The Honourable Gary Melville
    Secretary of Agriculture, Marine Affairs and the Environment
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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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