to our supporters, PETA just brought home the trophy for Favorite Nonprofit
Animal Organization in the 2012 Veggie Awards
! The annual
awards, presented by VegNews Magazine, celebrate “the
very best of all things vegan.”

sets PETA supporters apart is that you are determined and committed in the
quest for animal rights. When we let you know that someone is abusing animals,
you e-mail the perps, demonstrate, and write and call the abuser demanding an
end to the cruelty. You speak up, march with us, put on costumes, and even
strip down—whatever it takes to make people pay attention to animal welfare issues.
You proudly sport our shirts
and bumper stickers
, proclaiming to everyone
that animals are not ours to use and abuse. You drive out in the middle of the
in the middle of a hurricane—to rescue animals in peril. And you donate
your money to fund undercover
, literature, doghouses, spay-and-neuter surgeries, emergency animal rescues, and everything else
that we do.

You are the reason
that PETA can save as many
animals as we do, so we thank VegNews and you. We are honored to share
the award for Favorite Nonprofit Animal Organization with every one of you.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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