the giant melting pot that we call “home,” the fastest-growing
segment of the U.S. population is people of Latin-American descent. We’ve seen
how strongly this demographic has influenced American culture—including
politics, food, and entertainment—and now it’s time to unleash that power to
benefit animals.

There are more than 50 million Latinos in the United States
today, and young Latinos make up nearly 25
percent of our country’s youth population—a growing group of technologically
and culturally savvy individuals who are reshaping our nation and who care
about animals,” says PETA Vice President Lisa Lange. “
addresses their desire to consume content that speaks to their complex cultural
identity and will feature invaluable tips on how they can help animals,
including healthy vegan recipes inspired by traditional favorites.

help mobilize the Latino community’s animal advocacy efforts, PETA has unveiled
a new website,
will provide all of PETA’s valuable resources in Spanish and English so that
our Latino supporters can choose which language they prefer to receive
information in, and no one will be denied the chance to speak up for animals
because of a language barrier. The site will also include delicious vegan recipes inspired by favorite traditional dishes, testimonials and ads by popular Latino stars, the
new Spanish version of our
hard-hitting meat-industry exposé “Glass Walls” (narrated
by Mexican television personality Marco Antonio Regil), and much more.

because Latinos can now receive alerts about demonstrations in their areas
written in Spanish, the site will help bring English and Spanish speakers
together for our common goal.

¡Vamos PETA
here’s to all the victories for animals to come!

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Article source: PETA Files

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