O, Canada! We’re always busy, busy, busy during this festive
season, but we haven’t forgotten our pals in the Great White North—y compris nos amis francophones. Yanks and Canucks have so much in common, and yet there are distinctive differences.
example, while the yuletide finds a disturbing number of friendly, intelligent pigs
on this side of the 49th
 killed for ham, it’s the saddest day of the year for abused factory-farmed turkeys in Canada. So PETA is encouraging Canadian kids (since
kids haven’t yet been taught to suppress their natural compassion for animals)
to consider what—and who—they’re
eating. PETA has placed the attention-grabbing holiday billboard seen below on
a highway leading into Victoria, British Columbia.

PETA’s also giving U.S. kids something to chew on other than
cruelly produced ham with this billboard, just
outside Reno, Nevada

Of course, companion animals need
our help, too—and it’s not just children who need to reconsider their attitudes.
So PETA is also looking to put up a brand-new billboard—promoting spaying and neutering to effectively curb animal
—in the hope of reaching those kind people for whom this season is more about revering
Mary than reveling merrily.

We’d like to thank all the donors whose support of PETA makes
it possible to place these billboards, which foster awareness of animal rights

What You Can Do

To give a holiday gift that keeps on giving to animals
year-round, become a PETA
. And please remember to shop
 for everyone on your list—each purchase funds vital efforts to improve and save
animals’ lives!

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Article source: PETA Files

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