Some exhilarating news from
our neighbors (aka “neighbours” or “voisins“) to the north: The Canadian Transportation Agency
(CTA) will allow Air Canada to ban shipments of primates destined for pain and
misery in laboratories

leaves United Airlines as the only North American airline—and one of the few left in the world—to
continue this bloody business.)

Following pleas from PETA, other
organizations, and members of the public, Air
Canada first sought the
CTA’s permission for the ban last year
, stating that the proposed ban was “both to
align our policies with those of many other major international carriers and in
response to widespread public concern.” Following objections from animal
experimenters, the CTA initially did not approve the ban and scheduled a
hearing on the issue. PETA immediately filed comments as a “party of
interest,” which were included in the official record, in support of Air
Canada’s proposed ban.

CTA just released its decision in this matter, ruling entirely in favor of Air Canada and against the animal tormenters. In its lengthy
decision, the CTA pointed out that the airline had received “over 47,000 letters from the
public protesting its practice of transporting non-human primates for research
purposes” and that Air Canada “cannot ignore the overwhelming volume
of letters in opposition to the transport of non-human primates destined for

What You Can Do

As the CTA decision makes clear, this victory was made
possible because of the appeals of concerned people—including the almost 19,000
PETA supporters who took action through this website. That’s why it’s so critical
to make sure that your voice is heard—please join PETA in urging the few remaining
 still willing to ship primates to laboratories to stop contributing to this cruelty.

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Article source: PETA Files

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