Ho, ho, no! Looks like Santa’s been indulging in a little too much eggnog:

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How does milk (and other animal products) contribute to impotence? The saturated fat and cholesterol in even so-called low-fat 1 or 2 percent milk (which are actually about 20 and 30 percent fat calories, respectively) clogs the arteries leading to all your organs, not just your heart. Milk is also loaded with female hormones, since cows are kept almost constantly pregnant on today’s dairy factory farms. One Harvard University scientist estimates that cow’s milk accounts for up to 80 percent of the estrogen in the average person’s diet.

So if you want to keep Mrs. Claus happy, better make it soy or almond milk with those cookies on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, Rudolph might be the only one who gets up in the air this holiday season.

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Article source: PETA Files

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