Ordinarily, resolutions are far too ambitious. I mean, isn’t it pretty unreasonable to give up chocolate, especially the kind with hazelnuts in it? And if you buy an exercise bike, chances are, before long, it’s going to end up as a place to hang your laundry when the dryer is broken, or it’ll be posted on Craigslist.

So, why not make a resolution that’s easy? Here’s my cunning plan: I’m going to get other people to do the heavy lifting!

I got the idea when I was having dinner with one of PETA’s wonderful investigators. She told me that every year, her family asks her what she wants for her birthday. And every year, for the past four years, she has told them that she wants them to eat vegan meals one day a week. How can they say no to their beloved daughter, knowing that it means that much to her? So her family is now up to four vegan days a week, and since our investigator has prolonged their lives by getting them to eat not only more humanely but also more healthfully, that’s a lot of meat- and dairy-free days ahead for them—and a lot of animals saved. What a clever idea!

Naturally, there are many variations on this theme: If I’m lucky enough to have anyone ask me what I’d like for my birthday or anniversary or for the holidays, I’m going to say, “Well, I’d love it if you’d sponsor an Animal Rahat donkey for me,” or perhaps, “Would you be an angel and pledge to go vegan for just 30 days?” or “Since you always get the cupcakes for your
office parties, would you please choose vegan ones over ones made with eggs and
dairy products?”

Now all I can do is hope someone asks, and my resolution will be well on its way to being resolved!

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Article source: PETA Files

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