When a young couple on vacation in
Florida decided to take a leisurely afternoon stroll through a park, they had
no idea that they were about to save a life. But that’s exactly what happened.

The pair came upon a duck sitting in the grass who didn’t attempt to waddle away or even stand up as they
neared. On closer inspection, they saw why. The duck’s left leg was broken and
was dangling limply from his body. Unable to move, he stared helplessly up at

The couple called PETA for help, and we
quickly contacted a reputable
wildlife rehabilitator
nearby. The rehabilitator rushed to the park while the couple waited with the
duck. Within an hour of the couple’s worried phone call, the injured duck was
out of harm’s way and headed to get help.

Often, saving an animal’s life is just
that easy.

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Article source: PETA Files

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