The strain of months of neglect showed
on the horses’ emaciated frames and in their sunken eyes. Confined to muddy
pens that had long since been grazed out, they could only stare at the grass
out of reach beyond the fence. They continually checked their dry water
troughs, hoping that the rainy Washington weather would leave them a sip of water. Two
dogs on the property fared no better. They waited listlessly for the once-a-week
drop-by from their owner, when they would finally get to eat.

People who lived near the property where
the animals were kept had called law enforcement time and again to report that
the seven horses and the dogs
were being neglected.For months, officials had been trying to get the
animals’ owner to improve their living conditions, but the situation was
getting worse. Finally, a neighbor called PETA and, at our urging, law
enforcement seized all the animals. Several community
residents stepped up to foster the horses and help them recover and the local animal shelter took in the dogs. A
confirmed that one of
them was a full 40 pounds underweight.

Now, the horses and dogs are eating well and regaining
their strength. And PETA is working with
the district attorney to get cruelty charges filed against the animals’ neglectful
owner and we will push for the court to ban her from owning any more animals.

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Article source: PETA Files

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