Texas Animal Control Officer Accused of Fatally Beating Yorkie!

Last year, PETA contacted officials in Stamford and Jones County, Texas, regarding allegations that Stamford animal control officer Christopher Cerda fatally attacked his girlfriend’s Yorkshire terrier, Alyssa, on August 3. According to the dog’s guardian, Cerda admitted that he “spanked” and “back hand[ed]” the dog in a fit of rage after the animal defecated inside the house. Allegedly, Cerda also told the dog’s guardian that he “hopes [the dog] dies” and that he will “beat the dogs at shelter [sic] … and no one can stop me.” Reportedly, Alyssa was later found outside in sweltering temperatures and in critical condition—drooling, bleeding from the rectum, lethargic, and disoriented—and was rushed to an Abilene animal hospital, where it was determined that she was suffering from blunt force trauma injuries as well as heat stress and dehydration. Alyssa died from her injuries within hours. 

PETA has also learned that Cerda failed a polygraph test conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division. Further, the prosecutor’s office wrote in an official document that the accusations were most likely true, stating that the “[s]ubject probably did it but evidence is insufficient.” Consequently, the case failed to meet standards for prosecution when the only witness, Alyssa’s guardian, backed out from testifying. Alarmingly, Cerda remains employed by the city of Stamford, where he undoubtedly has daily contact with frightened, unruly animals who require patience and gentle, skilled handling. PETA urged Stamford officials to reassign Cerda to non-animal duties, but they have refused!

Please contact Stamford officials and urge them to reassign Cerda to non-animal duties without delay. Animals’ lives may depend upon this decision.

Please forward this alert widely!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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