Big Al, a large female alligator on display at a Bass Pro Shops store in Springfield, Missouri, is confined to a small enclosure that’s only about twice her body length. In the wild, alligators swim freely through swamps, bask on riverbanks, roll around in grasses, and submerge at the bottom of muddy ponds, but Big Al’s enclosure is much too small to allow her to swim or even really walk around. To make matters worse, Big Al is reportedly not being treated for a chronic eye condition. PETA has appealed to the store to do better for Big Al, and we were assured that she would be moved to a larger enclosure away from the stressors of public display. Sadly, recent photos show that nothing has changed. Now your voice is needed!

Please politely urge Bass Pro Shops to provide Big Al with a much larger, richer environment that has a large pool to swim and submerge in, mud and vegetation to lie and hide in, and large rocks to bask on. If this isn’t possible, urge the store to retire Big Al to a reputable sanctuary. And please forward this alert widely! 

Please send polite comments to:

Johnny Morris, Owner
Bass Pro Shops 

Mickey Black, Store Manager
Bass Pro Shops

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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