knew our Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity nominee Rooney Mara was meat-free, but it
seems that the girl with
the dragon tattoo
 is also the girl who
bid dairy adieu. The buzz from the Sundance Film Festival is that Rooney has been noshing on vegan
. Perhaps Casey Affleck rubbed off on her while
they were filming Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

both have plenty to munch on at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Oscars. To satisfy
vegan nominees, such as Anne
, Jessica Chastain, and Joaquin Phoenix,
the SAG awards will offer roasted beets with blood oranges, mint, and black
olives; cauliflower couscous with pomegranate salsa; and farro with kale, young
broccoli, currants, and pine nuts and the Oscars menu will include vegan pizza

fun girl Cyndi Lauper
is also working on being a vegan fun girl and is
tweeting about her progress. “I got to admit,” she wrote, “my
voice sounds grt frm this diet.” PETA
has been tweeting Cyndi some yummy
recipes to try
, suggesting good
restaurants to stop at while she’s on the road, and, of course, keeping up with
all the buzz that Cyndi and other celebs are stirring up for animals on

the big game fast approaching, we’re betting that Rooney Mara’s family is full of football fanatics—as well as scores of other
folks—will be taking PETA’s advice and serving up vegan wings on Super Bowl Sunday. What else would be appropriate while cheering on animal defender Terrell Suggs and the Ravens?

it will be a bittersweet end to the season for us if our buddy Tony Gonzalez really is hanging up his cleats for good. Tony is reportedly considering
retirement, and while we hope we get to cheer for our favorite Falcons player
again, we’re proud that he will go down in history as the greatest tight end in the NFL

keep up with what all your favorite stars are doing for animals, follow @PETA on Twitter.

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Article source: PETA Files

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