Canadian MP Fin Donnelly has introduced a bill to end the international trade of shark fins in Canada. If passed, private member’s bill C-380 would make the import of shark fins—or any attempt to import them—illegal. The House of Commons will vote on this much-needed bill this February

Every year around the world, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed just so that their fins can end up in a bowl of soup. In the shark finning industry, fishers catch sharks in nets, hack off their fins, and throw the still-living animals back into the ocean to die. Frantically struggling but unable to swim, the sharks sink to the ocean floor and are often eaten alive.

Overfishing by “sport” and commercial fishers seeking shark fins and cartilage has put shark populations in peril. Sharks are particularly vulnerable to overfishing because they mature slowly, have long gestation periods and produce few young at a time. Ninety-five percent of many species’ populations have been killed since the 1970s—pushing sharks closer and closer to extinction.  

Although shark finning is illegal in Canadian waters and there are already laws in place forbidding the trading of such endangered species products as tiger bone, bear bile, and rhino horn, there is no law preventing the sale of shark fins. Now is the time to add shark fins to the ban. 

Your voice is needed today. If you are a Canadian citizen, please urge your Member of Parliament to support C-380, which would enact a nationwide ban on the import of shark fins. Please send a polite e-mail or use our sample letter.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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