When a PETA staffer found this dog named President Obama two
years ago, he was stuck on a tangled lead in a trash-strewn yard without proper
food, water, shelter, or attention of any kind.

He was fed table scraps by his owner, who would not consider
allowing him indoors. Our staff member visited Obama frequently over the next two years, each time
offering to find him a new home but always getting turned down. So PETA did
what we could to keep the little guy healthy and comfortable, including
providing him with a new
 and neutering him

Recently, when a snowstorm was approaching, PETA’s staffer
took Obama some straw for warmth and found him wet and shivering in the freezing-cold
backyard. But this time, the little tyke’s owner finally agreed to let PETA
take him, which just goes to show why it’s so important never to give up when a chained dog needs help.) Here is Obama in his wonderful new home with his adopted “sister”:

As you can see, Obama has made himself right at home with his
new family—and, just like someone else we know, is taking full advantage of his
second chance! 

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Article source: PETA Files

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