If you’ve suffered through having your heart broken (and who
hasn’t?), you know it feels like you want to die. But if your heart actually were
to (physically) break, you really could
die. So as Valentine’s Day nears, PETA is placing this digital
billboard in two locations in Montgomery, Alabama—a state with one of the highest rates of heart
 in the nation.

do vegetarian hearts have an edge over carnivorous tickers? A
recent study found that vegetarians
are 32 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease
. In fact, staying away from all the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat, dairy
products, and eggs gives vegans a significant advantage in avoiding a range of life-threatening diseases,
including cancer, strokes,
and diabetes

And when your healthy heart starts beating in rhythm with
that special someone’s, it’s good to remember that vegans also get a boost in
their love life because we’re less susceptible to sexual dysfunction. So whether your heart needs Cupid or a cardiologist, there’s one prescription: Go vegan

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Article source: PETA Files

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