“Donkey basketball” games are loud, chaotic, and utterly bizarre events during which docile animals are pulled, shoved, screamed at, whipped, and forced to support riders who are too heavy for them to carry comfortably. Used again and again, the donkeys are lugged from place to place for months on end in small, poorly ventilated vehicles, with no consideration for their welfare, safety, or happiness. Equines who are systemically subjected to such stressors can develop unpredictable temperaments, putting riders and bystanders at risk. There has been a record of injuries, including a case in which an injured participant successfully sued a school for more than $110,000 in damages. Sadly, Redford Union High School in Redford, Michigan, has now scheduled a “donkey basketball” game for March 1. Your voice is needed! 

Please politely urge Redford Union School District administrators to cancel this cruel event and replace it with a safer, more humane alternative. And please forward this alert widely!

Send polite comments to:

Ron Stoneman, Superintendent
Redford Union School District 

Judy Nachman, Principal
Redford Union High School 

Michael Humitz, Assistant Principal
Redford Union High School 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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