Concerned Wichita-area residents have reported to PETA that Heartland Cardiology is using avicides (bird poison) to kill unwanted birds on its property! Avicides are often falsely touted as harmless “flock dispersing agents,” when, in fact, they are extraordinarily cruel poisons, attacking and impairing nervous systems and causing disorientation, erratic flight, tremors, and convulsions before an agonizing death. And lethal measures, in addition to upsetting Heartland Cardiology patients and area residents who find birds in their death throes, actually backfire because when birds are killed, the resultant spike in the food supply causes survivors and newcomers to breed at accelerated rates. PETA has asked Heartland Cardiology to scrap poisoning initiatives in favor of humane bird-control methods that keep birds away permanently, but to no apparent avail. Your voice is needed! 

Please contact Heartland Cardiology and urge the office to stick with tried and true bird-control methods that everyone can live with, including the animals. And please, forward this alert widely! 

Please send polite comments to:

Jane Robinson, Administrator
Heartland Cardiology551 N. Hillside, Ste. 410
Wichita, KS 67214 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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