We can now add Suffolk, Virginia, to the growing list of
cities that recognize that dogs deserve better than life on a chain—something that
PETA has been advocating for a long time.

In January, when Suffolk Council Member Mike
Duman initially proposed a tethering ban, he met with resistance. But two short months
later, the council voted to ban chaining completely. How did this reversal

wrote to council members and got our friend the comedian Wanda Sykes, who is from Virginia,
to do the same. Daphna
, our vice president of cruelty
investigations, raised awareness about the issue by writing a blog for a local

And we asked Alice Conner to share with the
council the story of her 2-year-old
who was killed by dogs in Suffolk who
became aggressive
[http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animals/chained-dog-attack-summaries.aspx] after being chained for

Local PETA members and residents also
weighed in. And our message got through loud and clear.

Community Animal Project staff members
receive more calls
about abused and neglected chained dogs in Suffolk than in any other area
surrounding the Sam Simon Center, our Virginia headquarters. As of September 1,
2013, Suffolk residents who do this to their dogs will face fines!

We thank Mike Duman, Alice Conner, Wanda
Sykes, and all the other compassionate people who helped make the Suffolk
tethering ban a reality. Now, with the help of Sykes and
actor Patton Oswalt,
we are working with Newport
, one of the two remaining
cities in the region that still don’t restrict or ban chaining, to improve
living conditions for its dog population.

If you would like to help get a chaining ban passed
in your hometown, we offer a wealth of resources

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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