The end is near for the military’s cruel trauma training exercises, in which thousands of animals are maimed and killed each year!

has discovered—and the U.S. Army’s Office of the Surgeon General has confirmed—that
the Army has implemented a major shift in policy that states, “Non-medical
personnel are not authorized to participate in training that involves the use
of animal models.” These nonmedical service members, who previously were
allowed to abuse and kill animals in these drills, will now be taught exclusively using
non-animal “alternatives such as commercial training manikins, moulaged
actors, cadavers, or virtual simulators.”

This will likely prevent thousands of animals from being
shot, cut apart, and killed each year in crude exercises like the disturbing
military training drill that PETA exposed last year showing live goats who had their limbs broken
and cut off

But that’s not all: According to the Army, this change is
just one of several that will be unveiled as a result of a series of meetings
that began in February about restructuring the military’s medical training
program. The shift is likely in response to PETA supporters’ protests, as well
as Congress’ request that the Department of Defense (DOD) submit a detailed plan for the phase-out
of all animal use in medical training
drills in favor modern non-animal methods. That report, which has already been
delayed once, is due on April 2. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about
the military’s broader plans to make all its deadly animal laboratories history.

What You Can Do

This is momentous progress, but we’re not done yet. Please urge military officials to end the cruel use of animals in training for all personnel immediately.

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Article source: PETA Files

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