As a global leader in the development of
toxicology tests for chemicals, the MatTek Corporation has made quite a name for itself among government agencies and manufacturers of
all types. But one thing you will never hear the company associated with is animal testing, which is why MatTek has scored a PETA

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“MatTek is extremely gratified to be recognized
by PETA and appreciates PETA’s support in its quest to produce new and improved
in vitro test methods that reduce or eliminate animal testing,” said Dr.
Mitch Klausner, MatTek’s vice president of scientific affairs. The chemical
engineering professors from MIT who founded the company discovered that by
creating in vitro (test tube) test methods using skin constructs made from
human-derived cells
, they could not only save companies money and spare animals but also provide
better protection for humans.

The Skin That’s Saving Rabbit’s Hides

Among the advanced
testing methods that MatTek has created is Epiderm, a 3-dimensional model formed from human skin cells. Epiderm provides scientists
with a superior indicator of how human skin will react to corrosive and
irritating chemicals than the skin of live rabbits does. PETA and PETA UK have
helped get Epiderm
 into use in laboratories around the world, saving tens of thousands of rabbits
every year from having chemicals
smeared onto their shaved, abraded backs
 to observe whether the substance burns through or irritates the skin. MatTek
has also developed impressive 3-D, human-cell–derived tissue construct models
to replace the use of animals in eye, inhalation, immune, and other tests.

And the Award Goes to …

Because MatTek is making toxicology
testing humane, more reliable, faster, and less expensive, PETA is giving the
company its inaugural Laurie and Carlee McGrath Award, in the amount of $5,000.
The award was made possible by the McGrath Family Foundation, which generously supports
PETA’s work to replace
animals in laboratories

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