Birds are getting trapped behind bird-deterrent netting at Deptford Crossing Shopping Center and are then suffering and dying from starvation. According to our callers, birds enter the net through holes or gaps but are unable to find their way out! We understand that live birds are currently trapped. Furthermore, we’re told that bird nests, possibly containing babies, have also been sealed behind the netting. Graphic photos reportedly taken at this location appear to corroborate these reports. PETA contacted the Malachite Group, which owns Deptford Crossing, but was given no assurances that the matter would be speedily corrected. Your voice is needed!

We ask you to politely urge the Malachite Group either to remove the netting altogether or to free the birds and then properly reinstall the netting. Remind the company that most birds are federally protected and that harming them (even unintentionally) can result in a $15,000 fine!

Please send polite comments to:

Manny Malekan
Malachite Group Ltd.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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