PETA has received shocking photos of birds trapped and dying in deterrent netting, reportedly installed by transportation agency Caltrans and construction company C.C. Myers, under the Petaluma River bridge in Sonoma County, where the animals have nested for a decade. According to news sources covering this tragic situation, the netting was installed to deter cliff swallows from nesting on the bridge during construction. But sources on site tell us that construction is scheduled to occur on the ground, so this netting isn’t even required! Representatives of Caltrans and C.C. Myers haven’t returned PETA’s calls. Meanwhile, several terrified birds are reportedly currently trapped in the netting and in immediate danger!

Please demand that Caltrans and C.C. Myers immediately remove this netting and replace it with a nesting deterrent that is safe and effective, such as Teflon sheeting. Remind them also that cliff swallows are protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act! And please, forward this alert far and wide!

Please direct polite comments to:

Bijan Sartipi
Director, District 4

Bob Haus
Public Information Branch Chief
Branch A
California Department of Transportation

Linda Clifford, CFO
C.C. Myers
916-635-9370, ext. 236

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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