SeaWorld decided to offer up 20
million shares of common stock in an initial public offering, no one expected PETA to
be one of the first in line to buy.

But Wall Street was
in for a surprise. We quickly
purchased the smallest number of shares necessary to
give us the right to attend and speak at annual meetings and to submit shareholder resolutions asking for policy
changes. Our first order of business as part owners of SeaWorld? Getting the
orcas out—including Corky,
who has
been enslaved by SeaWorld for 44 years 


will educate stockholders about how marine parks tear orcas and dolphins away
from their homes and families and imprison them in minuscule concrete tanks,
where they suffer from captivity-induced
stress and illness

And of course meanwhile, PETA and our
supporters will continue trying to win freedom for  orcas and dolphins as soon as possible by
telling everyone that these animals live in a SeaWorldofHurt

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Article source: PETA Files

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