activist Michelle Doers was reading Animal Times when she first learned
about actor James
Cromwell’s arrest at the University of Wisconsin (UW) for protesting its heinous experiments on
cats. That’s when she remembered reading about something else in the PETA
: a woman who wrapped her car in an ad to raise awareness about
animal issues. So Michelle decided to turn her own car into a moving billboard
for animals.

the next two months, Michelle will be using her car to speak up for animals in
laboratories and encouraging others to buy only cruelty-free
home and beauty products
. After that, she plans to change the wrap on her
car seasonally. Her next message will encourage people to boycott Ringling Bros.
for its abuse of elephants.

stellar activist and PETA supporter, Anne Feingold, helped coordinate a joint
letter through her cat rescue organization that was signed by more than 150 cat
advocacy and rescue organizations from nearly all 50 states. The letter, which
unequivocally condemns UW’s cruel experiments on cats, was sent to the
leadership of the university as well as to the federal funding agency that
enables this abuse. Anne also showed impressive initiative and dedication by
contacting local media in Madison, Wisconsin, to alert them to her efforts.

you inspired by Michelle and Anne? Want to help animals from your computer and
in your community? Join our Action Team! And
if you’re an activist younger than 21, check out peta2’s Street Team! 

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Article source: PETA Files

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