1. Ben the
 splashes in a pond
for the first time after being
rescued from a roadside zoo.

    2. These beagles stretch their legs after being
    rescued from Professional
    Laboratory and Research Services, a
    laboratory that violated federal
    animal welfare laws.

    3. Sheena rolls in
    the snow far away from the
    laboratory that she was rescued

    4. These
    bunnies, rescued
    from a
    “no-kill” hoarding facility
    are awfully hungry.  

    5. These turtles are hungry, too,
    after being
    rescued from U.S. Global
    , where they
    were denied veterinary care and
    adequate space. 

    6. Tess and

    were also rescued from U.S. Global
    Exotics. Now they share a

    7. Like
    them, Tulip has her own
    special place.

    8. This
    donkey, Parineeta, knows a
    secret—that PETA saves animals!

         © Sean Noronha

    Don’t tell anyone.
    Just kidding—tell everyone
    you know:

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    Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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