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May 28, 2013

We’ve got a week’s worth of things you can do

Do you want to give back to the local animal shelters and rescue groups that do so much for people, pets, and communities? The HSUS has a week’s worth of ways to say thank you—and to lend a much-needed hand. We’ll start with something simple:

All week long: Share your love

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Seven days and seven ways to say thank you


First things firstLocate your local shelter and rescue groups.


Learn before you leap—Looking for more affection and devotion in your life? Before you adopt, go to the Shelter Pet Project to learn what to expect when adopting a pet.


Say “thanks!”—Take a minute to thank the people who work at your local shelter or rescue groups. If you’ve adopted a pet from them, send an updated picture via the post office or email, or by posting on the shelter or rescue’s Facebook page to show know how well your pet is doing!


Become a fan—”Like” the Shelter Pet Project on Facebook.


Make wishes come true—Shelters and rescue groups are always in need of towels, toys, and other supplies. Check their websites for wish lists, or give them a call to see what they need.


Volunteer—Even if you can’t adopt a new pet just now, you can help make life better for homeless animals by volunteering with your local shelter or rescue organization. Do you have experience as a carpenter or electrician, or are you a marketing or dog-walking whiz? All of these skills are needed!


Help at your own home—Make the jobs of shelters and rescues easier: Outfit your cats and dogs with collars and proper ID (a microchip and ID tags) at all times, and have all of your pets spayed and neutered. Keep your cats indoors, where you can ensure they’re safe, and keep dogs on leashes when off your property.


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Article source: HSUS

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