The infamous Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC)
has been cited again for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA)
following an inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that
discovered that the facility was confining a baboon to a cage so tiny that it
failed to meet the already dismal cage-size requirements of the law. The cage
was so small that the animal couldn’t even sit up straight inside of it. 

A Solution That Doesn’t
Solve Anything

ONPRC “corrected” its failure by giving the baboon
a cage that was just 4 inches larger,
thus making the imprisonment acceptable in the eyes of the USDA under the paltry
AWA. Yet he is still confined by himself. Research has demonstrated that 90
percent of individually caged primates exhibit stress-induced abnormal behavior, such as incessant pacing, rocking, and even self-mutilation.

What makes this latest finding especially shameful is that ONPRC
has been repeatedly cited for violating the AWA—last year alone, the center had to pay nearly $12,000 for its pattern of violations
that PETA helped expose—yet it’s still allowed to operate and collect tens of millions in taxpayer dollars
every year, breaking the laws of the land and of simple decency

What You Can Do

It’s time for Oregon Health Science University to
follow the example of Harvard University, which recently announced the closure
of its own primate center, and shut down the disgraceful ONPRC. Please urge your federal legislators and officials at the
National Institutes of Health
 to divert public money from cruel animal experiments into humane and superior clinical and
non-animal research

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Article source: PETA Files

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