never shies away from a
fight. In fact, she cheers on Ultimate Fighting Championship heavy hitters as an
Octagon Girl. So, of course, she doesn’t shy away from fighting cruelty to animals, either.
The fiery Latina, who despises breeders almost as much as she loves dogs,
is tackling cruelty to animals in PETA’s brand-new online game, Cage Fight: Knock Out Animal Cruelty

When Arianny met with PETA, she chatted
with us about how she first became a PETA fan, what animal issues irk her the
most, and why she’s so excited to get involved.

Cage Fight, players take control of actual mixed martial arts fighters Aaron Simpson,
Georgi Karakhanyan, and Jake
 (who are also all veggie-fueled tough
guys) and
fight their way through an animal
 ring, freeing the caged
animals and giving the experimenters an old-school smackdown. And all the while,
Arianny will be popping up to cheer players on and help them unlock bonus
content, such as exclusive interviews with the fighters.

Ready to join Arianny in giving animal
testing a beatdown? Check out Cage Fight

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Article source: PETA Files

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