citizens are hardly
alone in their frustration with government officials. In the town of Xalapa,
Veracruz, Mexico, two residents have proposed electing a cat to be mayor. This is no yarn: The designated candigato,
Morris, has seen his popularity soar—at least on Facebook—so PETA has sent the
cute contender a letter asking him to back a purrposal to require Xalapa’s residents to spay and neuter their cats (and dogs) and to treat homeless animals kindly.

Giving Strays an
Escape Claws

Although his campaign managers suggest that Morris will
eliminate the “rats” from government, that hardly seems fair to actual rats, who are smart, clean, and friendly. Instead, PETA suggests that he should focus on the “fat cats.” Well, really, they’re not so much fat as they are pregnant, contributing to the
overpopulation crisis
that’s relegating so many animals to hard lives on the street.

Every stray cat and every neglected dog came from an animal
who wasn’t spayed or neutered. By preventing animals from being born, sterilization
also prevents them from being hit by cars, infected with miserable diseases,
attacked by other animals or cruel people, used as bait by dogfighters, or
simply left outside to die of starvation, exposure, or neglect.

With these things in mind, Morris must recognize that
leaving his fellow felines to fend for themselves is about as desirable as a
hairball. If he licks his opponents, let’s just hope that absolute meower

What You Can Do

Good citizenship starts at home—please practice animal birth control by adopting animals from shelters or rescues and having your companion animals
spayed or neutered.

Please note: PETA’s backing of
Morris for mayor is obviously intended as a humorous way
to provide Xalapa residents with information
about ways to address the homeless-animal crisis. PETA makes no comment on the
suitability for office of any bipedal candidates. PETA promotes and educates
the public on ways to help animals and does not directly or indirectly
participate in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any
candidate for public office. Voters should consider a range of issues important
to them in deciding how to cast their vote on election day.

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Article source: PETA Files

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