A West Virginia rescue group recently obtained a severely emaciated dog who was found running at large and who was suffering from a skin infection, overgrown toenails, ear infections, and dental problems—all indicators of long-term neglect. Reportedly, the rescue group determined that the dog, whom it nicknamed China, was being sought by her family and had been missing only for six days—a period of time that cannot account for her shocking condition. Furthermore, photographs document the significant amount of weight that China reportedly gained in less than a week with proper care at the rescue group’s facility. Upshur County officials are now apparently considering returning China to her former home!  

West Virginia law requires people to provide their animals with necessary food and veterinary care. Please urge Upshur County officials to initiate a criminal investigation regarding China’s condition and to take all possible measures to secure her safety. Remind them that if the family failed this animal before, then they will likely fail her again! 

Megan Pomeroy
County Administratorm

Upshur County Commission

The Honorable Jacob E. Reger
Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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