feathered fan of the No.3 University of Oregon’s football team—a pigeon dubbed
“Timothy,” who apparently enjoys blocking one of
the school’s stadium cameras
—has prompted PETA to ask the team to
promote respect for all pigeons by posing a scary proposition. In a
letter sent to the school’s athletic director today, PETA asks the university
to debut PETA’s tongue-in-cheek Attack of the Pigeons! video short on the Jumbotron during the Ducks’ next home game against the No.12 UCLA Bruins
on October 26. The video, shot like a kitschy B horror movie, playfully takes a
look at what life would be like for humans if pigeons treated humans the way
that some members of our species treat them.

Watch to the end, and you can decide the
fate of humanity:

Timothy the Pigeon’s
popularity creates the perfect opportunity to push for compassion for all
our feathered friends. PETA’s video is a quirky way to point out that it’s not nice to
harass pigeons, who are gentle, attentive parents who mate for life and only
want to be left alone to raise their families—and maybe take in a ball game or

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Article source: PETA Files

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