to determined PETA supporters—and more than a year’s worth of discussions with
PETA—we’ve confirmed that the Smithsonian Science Education Center has slashed
cruel live-animal lesson plans from its curriculum. The ill-advised lesson
plans instructed elementary school teachers at hundreds of participating
schools to purchase live African dwarf frogs, fiddler crabs, and millipedes for
classroom animal-behavior lessons.

had contacted the Smithsonian after receiving concerned e-mails from parents
and teachers describing animals who were suffering from severe neglect. One
distraught teacher also contacted us after she was told by her supervisor to “dispose”
of the animals the school had purchased at the Smithsonian’s recommendation
because they couldn’t be “reused” in other lesson plans.

A month
after mobilizing our supporters online, we  learned that the Smithsonian had agreed to
review the lesson plans. We continued to follow up diligently until we could
confirm that the lesson plans had been removed.

Compassionate Curricula

recognizes that it’s important to teach children about the behavior that animals
exhibit in their natural habitat, and we provide curricula to help
teachers and school districts do just that. Non-animal methods not only teach students better than exploiting animals but also allow teachers
to emphasize the positive effect that children can have on the world around
them by treating every living being with consideration and compassion. 

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Article source: PETA Files

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