was honored with the prestigious 2013 LUSH Prize Public
Awareness Award in a ceremony in London yesterday. The $40,000 award recognizes
PETA’s effective use of undercover investigations, whistleblower exposés,
colorful campaigns, corporate negotiations, and thought-provoking
advertisements to bring about massive lifesaving changes for animals in

our landmark Silver Spring
monkeys case
 in 1981, PETA has been dedicated to exposing the abuse of animals in laboratories
and mobilizing supporters to help end it. 

LUSH Prize specifically recognizes the recent work of our team of researchers,
scientists, educators, and attorneys to expose and stop horrific military trauma training
exercises on animals
in the U.S. and the EU, convince major airlines to stop transporting primates for use in cruel experiments, and uncover invasive brain experiments on cats at
the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW-Madison).

more than ever, the public is aware that experimentation on animals is cruel
and that superior, non-animal methods exist. The LUSH  Prize acknowledges PETA’s analysis of  public opinion polls, which have shown large increases in public opposition to animal experimentation
over the last decade, with more than 40 percent of people now against animal
experiments and more than half of women and young adults against them.

What You Can Do

Educate family members and friends about animal experimentation, and take action to help animals who are still being
tormented and killed for military
trauma training
 and in gruesome
experiments on cats at UW-Madison

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Article source: PETA Files

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