many of us sit down to a hearty meal with family and friends this Thanksgiving, millions of dogs across the country will be living as they do every day: on a
barren patch of dirt amid their accumulated feces, a crumbling and rotting
doghouse (if they have any shelter at all), a nearly empty bowl of putrid water
(if it hasn’t overturned), and a few pieces of kibble tossed on the ground,
often out of the dogs’ reach because of the chains that restrict their movement. 

PETA’s fieldworkers are trying to change that, at least for the dogs in the area surrounding our
headquarters at the Sam Simon Center in Norfolk, Virginia. All year round, our fieldworkers deliver doghouses, toys, treats, straw bedding, and other basic necessities to lonely, neglected “backyard
dogs,” bringing a little comfort to dogs who would otherwise have nothing
to alleviate the tedium of long days and cold nights spent chained or penned in
“solitary confinement.”

Smokie shows off his new digs
and “housewarming present.”

That’s where you come in. PETA’s fieldworkers have compiled a wish
list of supplies that they routinely take on their visits to neglected dogs,
including dog toys and treats, flea treatment, fly repellent, collars, and bowls.
We’ve set up an Amazon
 that people can use to purchase the items on our
fieldworkers’ wish list and then, with the click of a mouse, have them sent
directly to PETA.

On behalf of Smokie and the thousands of other dogs PETA’s
fieldworkers have helped, thank you in advance for giving neglected dogs
something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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Article source: PETA Files

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