Little Mambo's eyes are sealed shut from infection. © IFAW-COPVillages like Sukamenah in the foothills of Mt. Sinabung are now like ghost towns. The only signs of life are the few animals that survived.

We found Mambo under a house. He could barely lift his head. His littermates were running around, so we knew he needed medical care, and we would have to work fast.

Mambo’s eyes were sealed shut from infection, his nose was blocked with dirt, and he was so weak, he could not stand.

We cleaned his eyes and gave him medicine, and while we wanted to return him to his mother, it was clear he would not survive there.

Once back to our hotel, we gave him fluids and continued to treat him throughout the night. By morning, we saw that his nose was wet, he was more alert and had quite an appetite! 

Little Mambo is still very weak, but we are hopeful he will regain his strength.

Our teams continue to work quickly. The animals are hungry and come running when our vehicle approaches. There are animals will skin irritations and eye infections from the ash.

These animals are scared, and we are only able to provide veterinary care to the ones we can quickly catch. 

After a meeting with the Livestock Office, our team secured a building that will become the medical clinic and temporary shelter for the animals affected by Mt. Sinabung. This will be a safe place for those animals closest to the volcano and for animals needing ongoing medical treatment. 


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Article source: IFAW

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