As the waves lap the shores of Santa Monica Beach, only a few miles down Santa Monica Boulevard where a group of concerned people and long-time donors to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) gather, it is not lost on us that those waves may have originated in the Southern Ocean.

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The Southern Ocean will be a bit more peaceful going forward, thanks to the International Court of Justice ruling on Monday that Japanese whaling ships will no longer be allowed to slaughter whales in the name of “scientific research.”

Scores of IFAW supporters joined me and my husband, Ben Stein, to celebrate that major victory at Porta Via Restaurant in Beverly Hills, excited to meet IFAW president and CEO Azzedine Downes and learn more about the organization’s current and wide-ranging work. As a member of the IFAW Board of many years, I am deeply honored to be part of this crucially important cause.

My particular interest in companion animal welfare originally drew me to IFAW, but as I have witnessed the selfless, courageous and painstaking efforts of both staff and fellow Board Members, I have become a devoted believer in IFAW’s tenets of animal welfare for both companion and wild animals and how each one of us working together can make our planet better for animals and humans.

–Alexandra Denmen Ben Stein

Watch the International Fund for Animal Welfare “I Found A Way” 30 second campaign spot below and share it with your friends!

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