The video above features some of the adorable bear cubs under care at the IFAW Orphaned Bear Rescue Center in Russia. The post below comes in to us from IFAW Russia Office staff member Mila Danilova. — MV


It’s babies galore at the IFAW Bear Rescue Center in Russia! Our dedicated team is caring for eleven bear cubs from five different litters. This cute short video shows the different stages of bear rehabilitation.

All the bear cubs were born approximately at the same time, back in January. When they arrived at the Center, they were very tiny and could only eat from the mill bottle. Then, at the beginning of April, they were taught to eat from a bowl.

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Believe me, this was a difficult time for the staff. Though the bear cubs were hungry, they only wanted their bottle, sound familiar?

They smelled the tasty food but couldn’t understand how to get hold of it. Both the caretakers and the bears were exhausted and covered in porridge after each of the five daily feedings.

In mid-April the bear cubs were relocated from the den house to the large forest enclosure where they are getting re-acquainted with the life in nature. At the beginning they received the same amount of food as in the den house, but as time passes, the amount will decrease as they’ll be able to find natural food – plants and insects –in the surrounding nature.

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Your IFAW donation makes possible these efforts to save orphaned bear cubs’ lives.

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