Elephants don’t have much to laugh about these days.

And it’s our fault as humans.

During the last couple of years the scope of poaching has risen to immense figures.

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory.

In a couple of African countries elephants are seriously endangered. 

Without international help those African countries will not be able to gain ground in their fight against the poachers. Existing international and national laws against illegal ivory trade must be implemented consequently and new ones should be passed.

The rangers and gamekeepers on site need proper training and equipment in order to be able to pursue their dangerous jobs. Customs officers need to be trained and the demand for ivory in countries such as China must be diminished or stopped.

All this is going to cost – effective measures cost a lot of money and ask for human resources. The international community of states must provide for both – if we don’t want to lose the last elephants.

We have produced a new spot against illegal ivory trade – in order to draw people’s attention to this matter and to get them to support our battle against ivory trade.

This spot will be shown on various German and international tv-channels and it should also be distributed over the web as widely as possible. Please do help us spread this!

An elephant-sized THANK YOU! Goes to all the people who helped us produce this film – and who donated their time and creativity for the elephants.

They are too many – we couldn’t name them all: people who carried whole truckloads full of sand into the studio, who did the actors’ makeup, took care of the lighting….or whatever else was needed.

We have to mention the names Alexander Groh and Tobias Gradert-Hinzpeter of the Hamburg advertising agency Kveln, who had the idea – director Christian Pfeila and producer Mario Koch who made it come to live.

Let’s also not forget the Hamburg music producers Wohlklang who brought a whole string ensemble to their studio for the spot.

And thank you to all tv senders who will be broadcasting the spot for free!

Thank you to all of you – the elephants love you!


You can help us to save the elephants: share this video and take action at IFAW.org/ivory

Editor’s note: this post was translated from German.

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Article source: IFAW

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