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September 3, 2014

(Sept. 3, 2014) – Rescuers removed nine horses and 16 dogs from a property in Warrenton, North Carolina. The Humane Society of the United States was contacted after Warren County Animal Control found 18 horses running at large and in poor conditions. The first 18 horses were transported to local equine facilities last week.

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After investigating, animal control officers found the animals belong to a woman who was previously charged with animal cruelty. The Humane Society of the United States and local volunteers assisted Warren County Sheriff’s Office and Warren County Animal Control with the rescue and removal of all of the remaining animals.

Kim Alboum, North Carolina state director for The HSUS, said, “We are grateful Warren County Animal Control has caught up to this owner. She was reported in Granville County and there are charges pending in Johnston County after months of animal cruelty complaints. These animals will now have a chance at recovery.”

Many horses have cracked hooves and are underweight. All of the animals are infested with fleas and had no access to clean water or adequate food. Veterinarians identified remains of multiple horses and dogs on the property.

The animals will be safely transported to local equine facilities and animal shelters where they will be thoroughly examined and receive any necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Media Contact: Kaitlin Sanderson: 240-672-8397; ksanderson@humanesociety.org

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Article source: HSUS

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