Times are changing. As a representative of Nestlé—one of the world’s largest food companies with operations in 86 countries—acknowledged last week, consumers are increasingly invested in the welfare of the animals that produce their food.

A story in The New York Times noted that Nestlé would implement the following changes to its supplier practices:

Under its new standards, Nestlé will not buy products derived from pigs raised in gestation stalls, chickens in barren battery cages, cattle that have been dehorned or had their tails docked without anesthesia and animals whose health has been damaged by drugs that promote growth.


These new standards will impact the company’s 7,300 suppliers, as well as its suppliers’ suppliers. To ensure compliance, the process will be independently audited.

Not all farm animals so lucky. Read about U.S. “ag-gag” legislation that seeks to criminalize exposure of cruel treatment of animals and poor conditions on factory farms.

IFAW applauds Nestlé’s decision to be more responsible and humane in its sourcing and we hope this policy change will serve as an example to its competitors.


Find out more about our national political advocacy efforts on our campaign page. 

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Article source: IFAW

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