Whale Alert 2.0 is the first national application created to help mariners and whale enthusiasts from sea to shining sea protect and conserve whales.I took a long, deep breath, leaned in toward the microphone and began . . .

“Imagine a world in which endangered North Atlantic Right Whales migrating along the Atlantic coast, can, through the sound of their vocalizations, alert mariners on the bridge of a ship to their presence in the area. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is now.  That day is here.” 

When IFAW and our partners proudly announced the first edition of our “Whale Alert” app in April, 2012, the story of cutting edge Apple technology saving whales made quite a splash in the media.  

Optimized for iOS8 for iPhone and iPad - Whale Alert is a free app.Today, after more than two years of work by an expanded team of collaborators on both coasts, we are pleased to launch a brand new, dramatically enhanced edition of Whale Alert, the first national application created to help mariners and whale enthusiasts from sea to shining sea protect and conserve whales.

In addition to North Atlantic right whales, Whale Alert now incorporates an expanded list of whale species swimming off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

From California to Cape Cod, Whale Alert makes it quick and easy to report whale sightings allowing mariners and members of the public like you to contribute directly to whale conservation. 

Submit your whale sightings through a simple, drop-down menu with images and helpful hints for identifying whales. 

See a dead, stranded or entangled whale? Use the app to quickly connect to local responders, providing potentially life-saving information in real time.

Contribute to crowd-sourced data shared among managers and Whale Alert network partners to inform future management decisions. Other new features include: photo capture, NOAA PORTS® (Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System) data, standard and satellite maps that can be overlaid with nautical charts, recommended shipping routes, new regulatory and management areas and whale watching guidelines.

Optimized for iOS8 for iPhone and iPad – Whale Alert is a free app that makes compliance with regulations easier and puts whale conservation directly into the hands of the mariner on the bridge of a ship or the concerned citizen on shore; reducing the likelihood of deadly ship collisions with whales.

Whale Alert was developed by IFAW and app developer Conserve.iO in collaboration with NOAA, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Point Blue Conservation Science and other leaders in the maritime, conservation and scientific communities. 

Together we can save the whales from ship strikes and the many other threats they face.

Thank you for your support!


Download Whale Alert for free from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad and visit www.whalealert.org to find out more about this innovative project and our partners.

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Article source: IFAW

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