After our arrival on Sunday, the IFAW team, together with local partners from the Albay Provincial Veterinary Services, conducted a full ‘360 Tour’ around the Mayon volcano to identify animal evacuation and pooling areas outside of the 8km danger zone.

Hundreds of farmers and their animals are coming down the slopes of Mayon in search of safety and our teams were there to assist.

Some of the most immediate needs include keeping up with the basic necessities for the increasing number of farm animals making their way to the evacuation sites. Rope leads, water containers and feeds are in high demand. Procuring supplies for temporary dog shelters is a priority for our team as we move into the next phase of evacuations.

No one can predict when Mayon will blow, but as Mt. Ontake in Japan showed the world last week, volcanoes can erupt at a moments notice and can easily become deadly.

On behalf of the animals and the people of Albay in the Philippines, a heartfelt thank you for all of your ongoing support. 


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Article source: IFAW

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