Lake County, California is battling towering flames and smoke caused by rampant wildfires © NVADG.Firefighters are still trying to contain the ‘Rocky Fires’ and now a second one,  the ‘Jerusalem Fire’, is burning more than 20,000 acres of Lake County, California. With towering flames and smoke rushing through a hot and dry landscape, residents have precious little time to move to safety.

Evacuating with your cat or small dog is one thing, but what if you care for large farm animals? Who do you call when the fire gets too close and you need to move your horses, cattle, and/or pigs?

Over the past few weeks, North Valley Animal Disaster Group’s rescuers have been evacuating and sheltering all sorts of animals, some of which you wouldn’t even expect.  Watch the news clip below that features NVADG’s President and IFAW Disaster Responder John Maretti:

IFAW has supported the since 2011 as a vital member of our US Emergency Relief Network.

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Thanks to your continued support, we’re helping the NVADG to cover their expenses in this disaster which includes animal transport crates, trailer repairs, fuel, and more.


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Article source: IFAW

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