In addition to anchoring shows on China Central Television, Yue Zhang is also an animal advocate.

She formed China’s first animal welfare foundation, TA Foundation, and became its president. (TA, in Chinese stands for third person singular for another living being.)

Yue Zhang was one of the first Key Opinion Leaders who joined IFAW’s campaign, “Give Peace to Elephants, Say No to Ivory.” Drawing on the similarities between elephants and people, she emotionally appeals for Chinese consumers to spare the lives of elephants by rejecting ivory trade in the PSA above.   

This week, Yue is in Africa to see African elephants in the wild for the first time!

She is leading a group of Chinese wildlife ambassadors to Kenya in an IFAW initiative aiming to mobilize Chinese communities in Africa to reject wildlife crime.

The delegation will interact with government officials, conservationists and local communities in Kenya to learn first-hand conservation challenges and discuss solutions.

The group will also engage with Chinese communities and corporations, motivating the latter to become champions of China’s image abroad by shunning involvement in wildlife crime. 

Stay tuned for more dispatches I will send from Kenya.


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Article source: IFAW

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