More than 1500 people visiting the Flacon Design Factory in Moscow recently were treated to a unique experimental exhibition, one which had been on display for a mere two days.

Young Rubicam Moscow, with partners International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and National Geographic Russia, presented “Animals You Must See,” and challenged gallery visitors to think about how there may not be animals to photograph one day, leaving it all to our imagination, pen, and brush to reproduce beautiful imagery of wild animals.

The first floor featured large images. The second floor displayed a video of Belgian artist Carl Brenders, who detailed the exhibition concept (above). The third floor presented work in a format that allowed close examination, where the youngest visitors could even touch the exhibits.

The exhibition surprised and impressed the viewers.

When they understood that what they took to be photographs on the first floor were in fact paintings by Brenders, an internationally recognized wildlife painter, they went back to explore more.

People left the exhibition having many things to think about.

Would humanity, which can be so alienated from nature, notice when our world is no longer as naturally diverse as it once was? When instead of taking photographs of animals we would only be able to make paintings of them?



This idea of raising awareness about extinction of animals was developed by a talented team at Young Rubicam Moscow. It is a brave look into the future we are creating for ourselves, and the joint efforts of such organizations as IFAW and their supporters to save animals and their natural habitat.



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Article source: IFAW

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