Blacky was found in the street searching for food by a local rescuer. The woman who found him had experience rescuing dogs, but wasn’t sure what to do with a cat, so she brought him to Coco’s Animal Welfare Clinic. Unfortunately, due to space limitations the clinic was at full capacity, so he couldn’t stay.

While Coco’s staff was advising her on how to find a foster home, my colleague Dr. Erika Flores saw him.

Not only was he missing an eye, but he had a birth defect in his paw: He only had one claw!

He was very friendly and a purring machine, so we decided to foster him. He became not only my best companion during work hours, but also best friends with a female dog named Pinta whom we were also fostering.

They played all day and kept each other company. The great news is that Pinta was adopted by Jeannie, one of our star volunteers, and now she lives in Michigan.

And Blacky was adopted by Saul, a cat lover, who even held a cat shower for his upcoming kitten.


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Article source: IFAW

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