A male eastern swamp deer fawn was rescued by forest staff at Kaziranga National Park and handed over to the IFAW-WTI and Assam Forest Department jointly run wildlife care centre.

The forest staff attempted to find the mother but to no avail.

The fawn was weak, unable to walk and was kept under observation for 48 hours after the preliminary health examination by Dr. Panjit Basumatary, the centre veterinarian.

There was improvement in its condition as the fawn has now started responding to milk formula. It will be shifted to an outdoor enclosure soon.

An injured adult male slow loris, also rescued by the Kaziranga forest staff, was found on the ground in a backyard beetlenut plantation in a fringe village of the Harmati Range.

“The animal [had a] mild injury in the left ear which seems to be due to some trauma. The animal was kept for 24 hours of observation and care after treatment,” said Dr. Panjit Basumatary, who treated it at the wildlife rescue center.

After recovery, the slow loris will be released to the Kaziranga- Karbi Anglong landscape.


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Article source: IFAW

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